Based in Orlando, FL, we operate the following:


  • Greens and Grub Cafe

  • LNS Marketing

  • The Luxe Life Premium RV Rentals

  • DeWitt Racing

  • Slice Pizza Kitchen (Coming Soon)

Welcome to The DeWitt Group, LLC.

Hi there, thanks for visiting our site. We are The DeWitt Group (TDG), a Limited Liability Corporation based in Orlando, FL. Since 2009, we have been operating several successful businesses including offerings in various verticals, such as: restaurants, marketing, and automotive specialties.

Our focus has always been on the customer, delivering high quality products with a personalized touch. No matter the vertical, we have dedicated our efforts to being the best at what we do. Our core principals start with making our customers happy, being smart and efficient with our business, and giving back to the communities in which we operate.

As you can see from our companies listed below, we are founded in the small business marketing space, and have applied our successes to both our eCommerce racing business as well as the quick service restaurant space.

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