Based in Orlando, FL, we operate the following :

  • Greens and Grub Cafe

  • LNS Marketing

  • The Luxe Life Premium RV Rentals

  • DeWitt Racing

  • Slice Pizza Kitchen (Coming Soon)

About Us

The DeWitt Group was founded by partners Lance & Stephanie DeWitt in 2009. Both had come from decades of previous experience in both restaurants, marketing, and automotive performance. Turning their passions into business models, they both got to work and DeWitt Racing was born.

Even years before TDG was incorporated, DeWitt Racing was launched in 2004. DR’s founder, Lance DeWitt has always been a seasoned automotive enthusiast with a real love for the sport. At an early age, he was influenced by the sleek and sporty Mazda RX7. It wasn’t until be purchased his 3rd RX-7 that he realized there was a need for quality OEM and aftermarket parts in the rising sport compact tuner market. So in early 2004, he launched DeWitt Racing to offer these parts to others in the Mazda community. Quality parts at great prices continue to drive the business as the customers work to “Own the Racetrack”.

Following the success of DR, came the opportunity to grow the marketing side of the house. Out many successful business partnerships, came LNS Marketing in 2008. LNS has successfully helped many small and medium sized businesses in the Central Florida area efficiently grow. From small scale events, to digital marketing strategies, LNS continues to offer customizable marketing services to the nearby business community.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the opportunity arose to add a quick service restaurant to TDG. Quiznos Subs approached TDG and the beautiful Celebration, FL store was finally opened in June of 2010. Operating in the bustling Disney / US 192 tourist area, the store ran in the top 2% of all Quiznos in the country. In the fall of 2015, TDG decided to pursue other interests, and moved on from the Quiznos brand.

TDG launched it’s first independent concept, Greens and Grub in the Fall of 2014 to rave reviews. Serving fresh, fast, premium breakfast and lunch options, Greens and Grub has won the hearts of her patrons since day one. Greens and Grub gives visitors a menu that evolves with the seasons and offers only 100% Green, sustainable packaging. Fan favorites include: sandwiches and wraps with freshly sliced premium meats and cheeses, delicious toasted flatbreads, and premium soups.


Dedicated Owner-Operators

Proven, successful QSR owner / operators with 30+ years combined in the local Central Florida market.

Customer First Mentality

Making sure the customers and the community are happy and feel a part of the business is what TDG is all about.